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awee is a branding and communication agency that offers services in brand architecture, narrative strategy, experience design, and digital performance, with a focus on creating maximum impact with minimal processes.

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What we do
We help companies define their brand structure and identity, develop communication strategies, design complete product experiences, and improve their digital performance through e-commerce solutions, software development, and digital campaigns.
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awee promise:
minimal processes, maximum impact!

We will never waste your time with bloated brand processes. We don’t leave you alone with mountains of outcomes. Instead, we create exactly what your company needs and help you implement it.
Brand Strategy

Full Brand Strategy
Brand Structure & Identity
Corporate Brands
Product and Service Brands
Destination Brands
Personal and Culture Brands
Employer Brands

Brand Narrative

Brand History, Values, Mission and Promise
Brand Positioning and Personality
Brand Story
Core Messaging
Communication Strategies

Design & Experience

User Experience and Product Design
Brand Voice and Copywriting
Corporate Design and Visual Communication
Haptic und Packaging
Corporate Sound and Sonic Storytelling

Digital Performance

Web and SEO
Content and Social media
Apps and Games

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy:
Structure, Identity and Narrative

Keep your brand authentic, clear and relevant: Strong brand structure and identity are crucial for your value creation. Understanding your brand narrative with all its components drives your communication measures.

Structure & Identity:
Building strong Brands

awee helps structure portfolios, brands and sub-brands. We also provide guidance on the building blocks of your brand identity.
awee's brand structure model creates clarity at the corporate and portfolio level - internally and externally. It is the basis for understanding your value creation and guides your teams', partners' and customers' view of your company’s offering.
awee's brand identity model helps define the essence of your brands' identity at a core level and facilitates the creation of expression level building blocks such as name, claim or voice.

Brand Narrative:
A communication strategy from your brand’s core

The Brand Narrative, your brand's story will drive your company’s communication measures on all levels. At awee we call it narrative strategy.
awee’s narrative strategy defines a brand's story as the sequence of the core communication tasks. It guides your marketing and communication teams and facilitates smooth collaboration with executing agencies. It is designed to integrate smoothly into your company's processes for internal and external communication.
Experience and Performance

Experience and Performance:
Looks good, feels right, performs exceptionally

Exceptional product and brand experiences, digital performance through cutting-edge e-commerce solutions, software development, and dynamic digital campaigns: Our team is dedicated to creating end-to-end solutions that deliver measurable results and help you achieve your goals.

Designing a complete product and brand experience

Your proposition framing and a full product experience need to work seamlessly together, to release the full potential of your offering.
We believe that effective product design needs an integrated view of many design disciplines. Our comprehensive approach takes into account various elements, including UX design and narrative design, corporate design, editorial design, haptic design, packaging as well as writing, audio design and sonic storytelling.

For more on visual and haptic design visit treehouse member nio-studio.
For corporate sound and sonic storytelling check out awee studio.

Full throttle on Digital Performance

Shops, platforms and cross-media campaigns will drive awareness and sales. Apps and multiplatform games build very special customer connections.
When creatives master technology magic happens: In global campaigns, on shops and platforms, in apps and games. Whether you're looking to launch an e-commerce platform, drive traffic to your website, or create awareness around your brands, awee’s digital performance will help you achieve your goals.

For more on digital performance visit treehouse member Momentum.
Anyone looking for our games  visit Awfully Nice Studios  or  Sushi Surf Support.

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part of treehouse
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awee is part of treehouse
an agency group formed by three closely connected companies

When internationally connected creatives master technology, magic happens. That’s when brands start to perform on global markets. treehouse helps brands harness their full potential.
Johannes Felder, founder of awee agency
Johannes Felder
Founder / Managing Director awee
Johannes has been a serial entrepreneur in the tech, advertising and art space for more than 15 years. Today Johannes works on international brand development projects, narrative design and game design – in tech and innovation industries, game development, art and media.
Corinna Pfurtscheller and Christian Baumgartner Portrait
Corinna Pfurtscheller &
Christian Baumgartner
Founders / Managing Directors nio–studio
The visual & haptic experience of your brand. NIO is a branding and graphic design studio with 15 years of industry experience. Founders and art directors Corinna and Christian create sophisticated design concepts, digital experiences and corporate imagery.
Portraitphoto of Philip Farbmacher
Philip Farbmacher
Co-Founder / Managing Director Momentum
Cross-media communication & online marketing performance. Momentum takes care of planning and creating websites, social media channels, online campaigns and much more. Their output drives digital marketing.
awee agency office photo

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