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We help galleries, museums and artists shape their identity and communicate it efficiently. Together we work on brand, design and communication. That’s how we make art a success.

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People, artwork, spaces, events. Everything has its place. awee agency / art helps you find it. From 10 years of experience in brand communication and 15 years in the art world, we created an agency that today actively supports galleries, institutions and artists. Both upcoming and established ones.
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Lean processes.
With excellent results.

awee agency / art supports artists and institutions such as galleries and museums with strategy and consulting, but also with high performing communication measures. Always with lean processes for best results.
Brand and identity

Brand identity
Goals and target groups
Corporate and culture brands for institutions


Brand story
Core messages
Communication strategy

Design and Experience

User experience and product design
Tonality and written text
Corporate design and visual communication
Haptics and packaging
Corporate sound and sonic storytelling


Advertising campaigns
E-commerce and shops
Social media
Press and public relations
Event management

our offer

Galleries and institutions:
Identify and reach your target group

Do you feel you could reach more visitors, participants and buyers? Our experience shows: Your feelings are not wrong. The vast majority of art institutions are not realising their potential. awee agency / art changes that.
You will understand your business and your target group better, communicate successfully and have more people in your spaces, on your social media channels and in your shop.

Know your identity and values:
Build a strong and authentic brand

When your team, visitors, customers or artists describe your gallery, what do they say? And does it match your thoughts completely?
If you are not sure, you are one of the 99% of art businesses whose brand is not strong or clear enough. awee agency / art changes that. We find the values and content that make up your art business and develop a strategy for communicating them to your target group and making them easy to understand. Because only when they understand your brand, they love it. This also applies to your team, by the way. Strong arts and culture brands find talent more easily.

Communication and sales:
More attention. More visitors. More buyers.

Art is everywhere. In every medium. That's why we embrace them all. From press releases to mailing lists, from performance campaigns on Instagram to WeChat groups. We find the best paths.
Social media, content, platforms - the problem with the endless expanses of the internet is that they are just that. Infinite time eaters, infinite money suckers. That's why it's important to have a partner who understands which channels are best for which purpose. Who also designs succinctly and efficiently so that as many of our messages as possible get through.
Selling online or win leads: Revenues from online sales in the global art market have doubled from 2020 to 2021 - to €13 billion. Have your online sales  doubled too? Together we can do it.
the starter package

Our all-inclusive package:
Brand strategy and website

A brand strategy that delivers actionable insights in a compact workshop and raises the brand potential of your institution. And a website that looks good, feels right and really delivers: More art lovers in your venues, your online channels and your inbox.

Branding you can feel immediately

Our promise: If your brand doesn't become increasingly clear to you on the first day of the workshop, it's money back. And when it's in front of you in all its power after a few weeks, we expect one tear of joy. At least.
Compact workshop with actionable insights: Our brand-building process involves all participants in an intensive but compact planning and analysis phase. The results from this first phase already contain valuable insights that lead directly to positive change.
Your strong brand: The result of the second phase, the creation phase, is a defined brand strategy. It describes what's special about your offer, philosophy and values in clear statements and provides a perfect basis for all future decisions regarding communication, employee onboarding or marketing.
Immediately saves time, money and nerves: From now on, there are significantly fewer uncertainties in communication planning - you have everything you need to deliver precise briefings for your team, agencies and freelancers. This also means: fewer corrections, less hassle.

Now let's do web right

awee Agency/Art offers art galleries and other art institutions a tailor-made online presence that showcases your unique offering and personality online. We never build websites without clear goals – whether it's about visitors, visibility or sales.
More online visibility: You know what your website would need to do: communicate events and programmes, showcase art, showcase artists. You also know what it could do: Increase visits and on-site sales. That's why our start-up package includes: Website done right.
Online shop and e-commerce:
The art market has shifted into the digital space. Or, a new one has grown. Not using sales opportunities in addition to on-site or fair sales doesn't make much sense anymore. That's why we offer an online shop as an additional module to the website.
Campaigns and performance marketing:
Performance means sales. We help your institution to sell tickets, artwork or gift items.
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The shared international network of our expert teams makes it possible for us to plan and successfully manage communication  in every location, culture and sector.
Johannes Felder, founder of awee agency
Johannes Felder
Founder / Managing Director awee
Johannes has been a serial entrepreneur in the tech and advertising space for 15 years. Today Johannes works on international brand development projects, narrative design and game design – in tech and innovation industries, in art, culture and games as well as media.
Corinna Pfurtscheller and Christian Baumgartner Portrait
Corinna Pfurtscheller &
Christian Baumgartner
Founders / Managing Directors nio–studio
The visual & haptic experience of your brand. NIO is a branding and graphic design studio with 15 years of industry experience. Founders and art directors Corinna and Christian create sophisticated design concepts, digital experiences and corporate imagery.
Portraitphoto of Philip Farbmacher
Philip Farbmacher
Co-Founder / Managing Director Momentum
Momentum builds websites , social media channels, online campaigns and everything that brings online reach, leads and sales.
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